IWICS' WIDENET is a wireless, broadband network service that utilizes IWICS' revolutionary Opportunity Driven Multiple Access™ (ODMA™) subscriber relay technology. WIDENET enables Broadband Service Providers (BSPs) to deploy cost-efficient, flexible, highly-reliable last-mile solutions much faster than with conventional network systems. BSPs employing WIDENET can deliver highly profitable wireless broadband services to users with the best throughput/coverage/cost combination in the industry for a truly Beyond 4G™ experience.

BSP's can get started offering ODMA services as by signing up with IWICS as a WIDENET Service Provider (an official licensee of IWICS ODMA technology). IWICS also provides ODMAEnabled™ hardware, Operational Support systems, System planning services, Deployment Services, and production System Support services to help WIDENET service providers launch their ODMAEnabled services.

Among the products offered by IWICS to enable WIDENET Services is the PARROT 212B Subscriber Unit. The 212B is a small wireless unit that allows the user to connect any standard TCP/IP-based Ethernet device (PC/Laptop/Webcam/etc.) and establish wireless broadband service. The 212B is the heart of the IWICS-patented ODMA Subscriber Relay architecture that delivers high throughput, secure wireless service using features endemic to ODMA such as automatic power control and dynamic channel selection.

The PARROT 230A Outdoor Subscriber Relay Unit, PARROT 230C Relay Seed, PARROT 240A Concentrator, and PARROT 250A Gateway are ODMA infrastructure components offered by IWICS. ODMA systems are monitored and managed via the IWICS WIDENET Management Server which installs easily in a 2U server rack space and provides an SNMP management capability to the ODMA system; each Management Server can handle up to 50,000 ODMA devices. IWICS technology is the low-cost way BSPs can quickly turn areas without Internet coverage into full wireless broadband regions.

BSPs implementing WIDENET service will enjoy the benefit of less infrastructure dependence (such as fewer central stations, tower sites, or back-haul links) which translates into lower costs and faster deployments.

WIDENET offers a flexible platform for services such as voice over IP (VoIP), video, surveillance systems, and other streaming technologies. The smart-card technology built into WIDENET systems also provides WIDENET service providers with an excellent platform to create value-added applications and services to boost customer revenue potential.

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