IWICS PARROT 230C Outdoor Relay Seed

The PARROT 230C Outdoor Relay Seeds serve as permanently powered relaying stations. These devices may be used to enable instant availability of connectivity to subscribers, and as a supplement to connectivity in low density areas, with minimal overhead costs to service providers.

For service providers, a primary advantage is that the Outdoor Relay Seed is self balancing and self healing; and it may be removed and redeployed when there is sufficient subscriber density. For users, Seeds provide subscribers with increased connectivity opportunities that enhances coverage and capacity. There is also true plug-and-play functionality - when the unit is installed and powered up, with the smart card inserted, the unit will authenticate and configure automatically. Transmission output is typically 100-200 times lower than a regular cell phone.

Outdoor Seed


• Stand alone relay station
• Water proof metal enclosure
• Built-in surge protector
• IEEE802.11 a/g compliant wireless LAN radio with enhanced TX power
• Proprietary 24V power over Ethernet or optional 48V DC-DC converter
• IEEE802.3 compliant 10/100M Ethernet interface
• Linux Kernel 2.4
• SIM card reader

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The PARROT product line supports IWICS WIDENET ODMA service networks. With WIDENET, service providers enjoy the simplicity of a plug-and-play ODMA network. Parties interested in learning about the benefits of becoming a WIDENET ODMA Network Service Provider or discovering more about our products can contact IWICS at

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