The PARROT 250A Internet Gateway manages intelligent packet transmissions between PARROT units and external application networks, by performing the routing and translation functions necessary for communication and enabling Internet browsing functionality. All packets transmitted between the Internet and the PARROT units are routed through the gateway.

Multiple PARROT 250A units create multiple points of exit from, and entry to, a service provider’s network. In this way, the dynamic routing capabilities of Opportunity Driven Multiple Access™ (ODMA™) are put to best use, including the automatic provision of redundancy and load-balancing support. Each PARROT 250A communicates through a PARROT 240A Concentrator, which provides connectivity over an auxiliary network, such as a private or public internet, and allows the optimal gateway to be chosen for accurate and seamless delivery of individual packets between the PARROT units and the Internet.

Service providers can rely on the PARROT 250A to handle high volumes, being powered by a multi-processor, high-availability server platform.


• Dynamic Load Balancing
• High Availability
• Simple Scalability
• TCP/IP and ODMA Protocol
• Smart Card
• Up to 1000Mbps (WAN Side)
• Update over wire via Secure Shell (SSH)

PARROT 250A Datasheet
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The PARROT product line supports IWICS WIDENET ODMA service networks. With WIDENET, service providers enjoy the simplicity of a plug-and-play ODMA network. Parties interested in learning about the benefits of becoming a WIDENET ODMA Network Service Provider or discovering more about our products can contact IWICS at

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