IWICS Glossary of Terms

AAA Server
Authentication, Authorization and Accounting server. A system in IP-based networking to control user access to resources and to track user network activity.
Tracking activity while users access network resources. This includes time spent, services accessed and data transferred during the session. Accounting data is used for trend analysis, capacity planning, billing, auditing and cost allocation.
Identifying an individual, based on a user name and password.
Granting or denying access to network resources after authentication. Access to information and the services depends on authorization level.
Network connections from a remote site, such as a mobile base station or access point, to a central point of concentration.
Beyond 4G™
Alluding to the key components of "next generation" wireless communications consisting of personalization, seemless access, higher throughput and intelligent billing.
The area of coverage where ODMA network connectivity is possible and communications can pass.
Group of Seeds connected by a Concentrator.
Non-mobile ODMA relay device, in a cluster, for packet conversion between ODMA packet protocols.
Customer-Premises Equipment, including Subscriber Units, indoor/outdoor Seeds.
The computer program in a read-only memory (ROM) integrated circuit.
Device to connect an ODMA protocol to other protocols such as TCP/IP as used on the Internet. Typically a Dell desktop with Fedora Core 5 operating system.
IWICS, Inc., based in Washington State, USA, the proprietor of ODMA™ technology; “IWICS” referring to “Intelligent Wireless Integrated Communications Systems”.
Last Mile
The final leg of delivering connectivity from a communications provider to a customer.
Location Recording and Matching Server. A system to locate and manage ODMA devices on the ODMA network.
Any ODMA unit part of the IWICS intelligent relaying system which dynamically adapts transmission, based on available opportunities.
Opportunity Driven Multiple Access™, a wireless communication technology, developed and owned by IWICS, Inc.
The optimum points in time in a wireless transmission using only the peaks of a signal's strength, requiring less power while gaining high speed and quality for voice and data. The key principle behind patented ODMA technology.
A formatted block of information carried by a computer network.
Programmable Adaptive Relay Revert-Back Opportunity Transmission. A mobile subscriber unit to access the ODMA network from user devices, such as a PC, laptop, router, etc.
Power over Ethernet. A method of transmitting power with data over an Ethernet cable.
Non-mobile, ODMA relay station that provides initial coverage of an ODMA network.
SIM Card
Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) is a portable memory chip used in some models of cellular telephones. The SIM holds personal identity information, cell phone number, phone book, text messages and other data.
ODMA element that communicates on the ODMA network. Uses ODMA addresses and smart cards, and can be authenticated.
Subscriber Unit
Any ODMA unit that provides end-user service: receives or sends information/data in an ODMA network packet.
Wireless Local Area Networks. A network, linking two or more computers without using wires.


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