IWICS PARROT 230A Outdoor Subscriber Relay Unit

The PARROT 230A Outdoor Subscriber Relay Unit (OSRU) is provided for use in ODMAEnabled™ wireless networks. Supported by the multi-hopping and multi-routing relay Opportunity Driven Multiple Access™ (ODMA™) technology, the PARROT 230A dramatically enhances a subscriber’s wireless communication coverage range, throughput and system reliability. It can also support up to 24Mbps burst rates for data and video streaming.

With the robust and effective communication between PARROT devices - Outdoor Subscriber Relay Units (P230A), Outdoor Relay Seeds (P230C), Concentrators (P240A) and Subscriber Units (P212B) - users enjoy higher throughput, lower cost and greater coverage.

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Outdoor Subscriber Relay Unit

• Plug-and-Play
• Extends Coverage
• Low Transmission Power
• Built-in Patch Antenna
• Throughput up to 3.5Mbps
• Enhances Indoor Penetration
• Very High Mobility
• Tolerant to ISM band noise
• Enhanced Data Security
• Self-Configuration/Healing
• Over-the-Air Firmware Upgrade

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The PARROT product line supports IWICS WIDENET ODMA service networks. With WIDENET, service providers enjoy the simplicity of a plug-and-play ODMA network. Parties interested in learning about the benefits of becoming a WIDENET ODMA Network Service Provider or discovering more about our products can contact IWICS at

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