ODMA™ - Revolutionary Technology for the Next Generation of Wireless Networks

IWICS is poised to revolutionize the mobile wireless telecommunications industry with its unique Beyond 4G™ ODMA wireless technology. IWICS' patented Opportunity Driven Multiple Access™ (ODMA) technology offers high-speed wireless data access that works reliably in both fixed and mobile networks.

ODMA is a subscriber relay network technology that addresses the primary "last-mile" problems in telecom deployments: Coverage, Cost, and Capacity. ODMA takes advantage of advances in complementary technology used to deploy wireless communication services such as advanced modems, host processors, and transmitters. ODMA has high synergy with technologies such as WiMAX, 802.11n/ac, and MIMO.

An ODMA system requires far less infrastructure investment than conventional wireless communication methods. IWICS' ODMA technology enables each user to become a part of the communication network infrastructure. An ODMA system's deployment cost can be dramatically reduced by the use of unlicensed spectrum to effect transmission between network units. The low investment and operational cost basis of an ODMA network enables Service Providers to provide a highly competitive yet simple wireless services offering for home, business and mobility solutions.

Innovative ODMA technology will enable operators of mobile wireless data networks to provide mass-market access to the Internet at speeds previously available only over broadband connections such as DSL and cable. IWICS' ODMA system will enable true end-to-end Internet Provider connectivity and the lowest cost per megabyte of data delivered. IWICS' ODMA - Beyond 4G™.

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