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IWICS Announces Global Partner Alliance Program

(01/19/2010 - Bothell, Washington, USA)

IWICS announced it has initiated its Global Partner Alliance Program. The program is designed to form Joint Venture Partnerships in markets around the world to allow tailored product and service offerings to be created for individual countries and regions.

"We have listened to our partners regarding the need to create a structure that will accommodate the individual needs of specific country/regional markets" said David Mendes, President/COO of IWICS. "This alliance program allows us to expand our reach and to leverage the local expertise and market knowledge of our ODMA partners."

The IWICS Global Partner Alliance Program provides a well-defined partnership structure and licensing model that facilitates the qualification and analysis that potential partners must perform prior to becoming an ODMA partner. The program provides ODMA technology technical information, models to show the advantages produced by an ODMA solution, and a roadmap for how to create, organize, and implement an ODMA product and/or service offering. Interested parties are encouranged to contact IWICS at

About IWICS, Inc.

IWICS, Inc is creating new capabilities for high-speed wireless communications systems based on its revolutionary, patented Subscriber Relay technology collectively known as ODMA™. IWICS’ Opportunity Driven Multiple Access™ technology delivers unparalleled capability for secure last-mile wireless communication systems that deliver higher throughput, better coverage, and lower cost than existing wireless technologies. ODMA works in conjunction with other wireless technologies such as Wi Fi (802.11) and WiMax (802.16) to greatly improve the performance and efficiency of wireless networks. IWICS has patented its ODMA portfolio in nearly 50 countries and is expanding its coverage throughout the world. Headquartered in Bothell, Washington, USA, IWICS has manufacturing and support subsidiaries in Taiwan, Malaysia and the UK. Parties interested in learning about the benefits of becoming a WIDENET ODMA Network Service Provider or discovering more about our products can contact IWICS at

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