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China National Radio Administration Endorses ODMA

(11/18/2009 - Bothell, Washington, USA)

IWICS has approved released the official findings analyzing an ODMA technology trial issued by the China National Radio Administration in its "Document No.69 (2008), Review and Concurrence on results of the Wireless Data Transmission and Access Technology Test in Xiamen by China 9e Net Company LTD" and by the Fujian Province Radio Board of Trustees office in its approved file No. 2008-1030. The trial of a next generation high-speed ODMA broadband network was conducted from July 1, 2008 to December 31, 2008 in the Binzhou village area of Xiamen City, China by the China 9e Net (New Agriculture Information Technology) Company LTD.

The China National Radio Administration held a meeting and field trial in May 2009 to review and attend a live demonstration of a Opportunity Driven Multiple Access (ODMA) wireless broadband network. The review specifically reviewed the use of ODMA implementation on low-cost, commodity WiFi equipment. The expert group participating in the conference listened to a presentation of the reported results of the ODMA trial project conducted by China 9E. The group then participated in a live ODMA network application demo followed by a full technical discussion. Based on the review, demonstration, and discussion of the results, the industry expert group issued the following findings and recommendations:

Finding One: The project reviewed the application of ODMA technology (via firmware) to standard Wi-Fi devices without fundamentally changing the Wi-Fi device’s hardware configuration. The review found that the applied ODMA technology: 1) supported a robust self-configuring network technology, 2) made the Test group's network more flexible and simple to deploy, 3) improved the distance coverage of the network, 4) improved mobility performance, 5) strengthened interference mitigation capabilities 6) Interfacing with the ODMA user device’s encryption and backroom operationss center authentication technology resulted in a smooth integration with the deployed ODMA systems enhancing the security of the network and facilitating network operation and management.

Finding Two: That the pilot network demonstrated that adoption of ODMA wireless broadband access technology can enable broadband wireless networks to deploy faster, greatly facilitate network capacity extensions, support real-time self-diagnosis of network problems and self-healing,. ODMA networks are easy to maintain, installation costs are inexpensive, and are especially suitable relative to the needs of a rural information system network.

Finding Three: The group recommends that China 9e New Agriculture Information Technology Co. LTD continue to explore the current demand for rural information system network services, refine the proposed vast rural information system network business model, and to accelerate the promulgation and application of ODMA-WiFi technology for rural information networks.

"We believe this is one of the many endorsements that ODMA technology will receive from international telecom authorities as they become exposed to the benefits of ODMA technology. We appreciate the efforts of the working group who reviewed the trial results and issued findings based on the results," said David Mendes, President/COO of IWICS.

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