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IWICS Announces Availability of Next Generation ODMA™ PARROT Wireless Product Line

(11/18/2006 - Bothell, Washington, USA)

IWICS announced that it has formally released its Next Generation of the PARROT family of Wireless Network products. The new generation supports full mobility of wireless deployments using ISM unlicensed frequencies to support device to device communication. Multi-megabit throughput to subscriber devices is supported and allows for many options for deployment and performance levels.

The PARROT family of products is based on IWICS' patented ODMA (Opportunity Driven Multiple Access™) technology to enable high-speed wireless data communication with better coverage and lower cost than conventional wireless technologies. PARROT products can operate independently or be deployed in concert with other wireless technologies (such as WiMAX or 802.11n devices) depending on the specific needs for customer deployments.

The PARROT family of products consists of the PARROT 212B, a customer premise device that acts as the Ethernet interface to the subscribers PC/Handheld/VOIP-Phone from the ODMA network. The PARROT 230C is referred to as an outdoor "seed" in ODMA parlance because it helps to establish (or seed) an ODMA network with wireless relay points to provide sufficient relay opportunities until the network organically grows to provide continuous coverage among subscribers. The PARROT 250A is the ODMA Gateway device that connects an ODMA network to outside networks using TCP/IP communications.

"The new Parrot line is a major step forward in the evolution of ODMA products that demonstrate the power and technical superiority of ODMA networks" said David Mendes, President/COO of IWICS. "ODMA technology solves the capacity issues that hinder other wireless technologies available to the user community. The economic advantages of ODMA coupled with its ability to solve difficult wireless technical issues will be a major differentiator to Service Providers seeking to provide high-bandwidth converged wireless broadband service to its customers."

About IWICS, Inc.

IWICS, Inc is creating new capabilities for high-speed wireless communications systems based on its revolutionary, patented Subscriber Relay technology collectively known as ODMA™. IWICS’ Opportunity Driven Multiple Access™ technology delivers unparalleled capability for secure last-mile wireless communication systems that deliver higher throughput, better coverage, and lower cost than existing wireless technologies. ODMA works in conjunction with other wireless technologies such as Wi Fi (802.11) and WiMax (802.16) to greatly improve the performance and efficiency of wireless networks. IWICS has patented its ODMA portfolio in nearly 50 countries and is expanding its coverage throughout the world. Headquartered in Bothell, Washington, USA, IWICS has manufacturing and support subsidiaries in Taiwan, Malaysia and the UK. Parties interested in learning about the benefits of becoming a WIDENET™ ODMA Network Service Provider or discovering more about our products can contact IWICS at

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