ODMA Technology: Additional Applications

In addition to the provision of mobile wireless access to telephony and Internet applications, the ODMA™ mechanisms enable certain unique features that are distinguishable from related technologies and that present less obvious opportunities for ancillary value offerings to customers.

These features include:

Advanced Tracking, Monitoring and Positioning. Unprecedented levels of accuracy in real-time station positioning and location services providing opportunities for Location Based Services, Emergency Response services, Vehicle Management, Store and Inventory management, Security and Policing applications, etc.
Multi-Medium ODMA Data Transmission. Enablement of truly mobile VoIP communication, Internet and Intranet access and functionality; extension of ODMA opportunistic routing capabilities and capacity; secure and distributed data transmission and intelligence, etc.
Information Distribution and Access. Opportunities for third party memory storage and connectivity facilities; access to distributed information and buffering through neighbors, etc.
Network Management and Security. Readily available subscriber categorization; unit and application authentication and billing management; secure data transmission; smart card control, etc.
Smart Card Applications. SIM toolkit service options; pay as you go billing; digital signature security; banking; branding, etc.
Enhanced Standard Cellular and Wireless Functionality. Capability of ODMA to supplement, leverage and expand existing network technologies, etc.

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